Since 2001 Distribuidora de Insumos de Laboratorio (DISTINLAB S. De RL) is dedicated to the purchase and sale of supplies, reagents, equipment for hospitals, clinical laboratories, industry, education, research, representation of local and foreign laboratories and importation of equipment and accessories.

We are exclusive sales representative of the following leading brands in the market:

- Linear Chemicals

- Valtek Diagnostics

- Biocen

- Biohit

- Adaltis

- Presvac

- General Biological

- Novatec

- Ampcor Technologies

- Mym Supply

- Citotest

- Centron

- Labomed

- Condalab

And We also offer brands such as:

- Mindray

- Diagnostic Automation

- Abon

- BTE; among others.

Besides, we have technical support with many years of experience, to ensure good customer service.